Looks and Terroirs

Enjoy Fontainebleau offers you new ways of looking at heritage and holds the keys to help you discover exclusive and usually inaccessible places. Immerse yourself in a sound atmosphere of another time, change your view of the palaces of the Kings of France, or let yourself be carried away by the unexpected.

Exploration in the Forest of Fontainebleau: discover amazing paintings

Like the speleologists of the forest, let yourself be guided where you wouldn’t know to go on your own. Your Enjoy guide lifts the veil on a protean Fontainebleau forest. It is at once a place of demonstration of power, a reservoir of multiple resources, and a space for artistic expression and introspection. Discover beautiful shelters decorated with astonishing polychrome paintings and gain an authentic understanding of this exceptional forest. A great breath of fresh air.


> Visit: 3h



The Hidden History of the Left Bank

Discover the best-kept secrets of some of Paris’ most famous neighborhoods. From the Ile de la Cité to the Jardin des Plantes, move off the beaten track to explore Roman ruins, medieval palaces, royal gardens, and the hangouts of some of the greatest authors of the 20th century.

> Visit: 3h

Fontainebleau: become a local for a few hours

Let yourself be guided through the lively streets of the city centre. Discover the beautiful church of St. Louis commissioned by Marie de Medici, wife of Henri IV. See the beautiful mansions, vestiges of the intense court life that animated the city until the Empire, and taste exceptional wines and cheeses with our master craftsmen.

> Visit: 3h

Paris in Love


Feel the breath with Enjoy Fontainebleau’s outdoor visits!

Let yourself be carried through the streets of Paris, following in the footsteps of the capital’s emblematic couples: perfect love affairs, secret liaisons, destructive passions or tragic unions have been part of the Spirit of Paris from ancient times to the present day.


> Visit 2h

Versailles : Royal City

Embrace the city of Versailles with a different perspective: contemporary of the castle and its park, did you know that it was also designed by André Le Nôtre and that it is the very prototype of the modern city of the Age of Enlightenment? Castle outbuildings, private mansions, princely residences, hidden gardens: there is so much to discover in this miraculously preserved city!


> Durée 3h



Being a child at the Court of France

We always talk about the grown-ups, but what were the children doing in the castle? What were their days like? What were their obligations? Let yourself and your children be guided around the palace to plunge into the history of little ones in France. Would you have liked to have been a child of France under the Ancien Régime and the Empire?

The tour can be enjoyed in period costume for children and even adults.

> An amazing and charming family visit: 2h


Savoir-vivre at Court: Do’s and Don’ts

You are invited to stay in Fontainebleau! Whether under the Ancien Régime or the Empire, such a stay cannot be improvised! Let yourself be guided through the customs so that etiquette will no longer hold any secrets for you! And of course, for educational purposes, your guide will tell you about some of the mistakes made by your predecessors.

> Visit: 2h



The Ladies of Fontainebleau: a different kind of power


The women who have left their mark on the castle and the town of Fontainebleau are numerous: queens and daughters of France, of course, but others, too. Come and take another look at the exercise of power by women in these places which are, at first glance, so demonstrative of male power. Another way to discover or rediscover the Château of Fontainebleau.


> Visit: 2h

Understanding the French revolutions through the Louvre: 1789 – 1830 – 1848

Follow in the footsteps of kings, emperors, and revolutionaries. Far from the crowded halls of visitors, discover how this former royal palace is intimately linked to the French revolutions (yes, there have been several!) and the birth of art museums in Europe and the United States.

> Visit: 3h

A gastronomic visit of the Louvre

Numerous masterpieces from the Louvre tell us about the pleasures of the table. Travel from ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, and learn about Catherine de Medici, nicknamed Madame Artichoke! This gastronomic tour which will whet your appetite ends with a tasting of wines and typical French productsin an authentic location of the iconic rue Montorgueil, the Belly of Paris.

> Visit: 3h30

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