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The keys to success

Just follow your guide

Enjoy Fontainebleau creates high-quality, authentic, and memorable experiences for you. Our visits are all flexible and can be tailor-made.

Discover the heritage with a fresh look thanks to our private tours which allow you to enjoy a guide who is entirely dedicated to you.

We have the keys, just follow your guide!


accueil experiences personnalisees

Personalized experiences

For two hours or for a day, Enjoy Fontainebleau crafts the program that suits you.

Discover exceptional monuments

Palaces, castles, and cathedrals are moving and fascinating testimonies of our predecessors.

Explore local gastronomy

Savour terroirs and explore food and wine pairings.

Immerse yourself in another dimension

Enjoy an “augmented reality” experience with our proprietary guided visits enhanced by original audio soundtracks.

Enjoy authentic cities

Leave Paris and its hustle and bustle to discover France in a different way.

Breathe in nature

Embrace an exceptional forest and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Forage the gardens

Admire, smell, touch, listen, taste!

Surprise yourself at the Museum

Discover or rediscover the greatest museums and little-known treasures.

Embrace Art

Painting and sculpture speak to each one of us when we are well guided.

accueil visites conferences

Conference visits
for companies

Enjoy Fontainebleau offers conference visits for companies on the move. Getting out of the work context and connecting with history and art allows you to convey subtle messages in an efficient way, and also to develop innovative ways of thinking. Enjoy Fontainebleau has 20 years of experience in accompanying companies. We will lead your employees in the footsteps of some of the greatest figures in French history and give you the keys for adapting to change and surviving in a hostile and changing world, as well as to strategic vision and self-development.

Our Conferences

accueil esprit partage

A spirit of sharing

Enjoy Fontainebleau gives every one of you the keys to better understand the world and see all its richness, diversity, and complexity. Our motto: to be fully part of the world, together, to love it even better.